Behind the Scenes

Some photos of the “making of” the Magical Realism Tarot project. One of the interesting things about the Magical Realism Tarot is that the models for the images are all creative people in their own right. The lineup includes musicians, dancers, tattoo artists, writers, burlesque performers, comedians, painters, sculptors, hairdressers, designers and photographers. Most of the models provided their own costuming and put thought and effort into their role. These are more than just “pretty faces” , they are creative people who collaborated with Cheryl Fair to create archetypal images.

The Models:

Baggypants Rich – The Fool, Skizz Cyzyk – The Magician, Cheryl Fair – High Priestess, Juli Moon – Empress (originally shot in 1989), Jonathan Mayo – The Emperor, Brian McGarvey – Hierophant, Erin and Mark Foster – The Lovers, Jay Calvert – Chariot, Anlara McKenzie – Strength, Clarke Bedford – The Hermit, Paige Sebour and Rae Beth – The Wheel of Fortune, Naimah – Justice, Harry McKenzie – The Hanged Man, George Hagegeorge – Death, Kitty Bermuda – Temperance, Chris “Batworth” Ciattei, John Irvine and Kelly Scannell Irvine – The Devil and his slaves, Brandon Rohrbaugh, Hyouei Senya (Samantha) – The Tower, Tracy McKenzie – The Star, Lydia Millet – The Moon, Harlan Sullivan – The Sun (thanks to her mom Naomi Sullivan!), Maria Bella – Judgement, Nona Narcisse – The World, Hollie Chantiles – Page of Wands, Tim Bedford – Knight of Wands, Kathleen Williams – Queen of Wands, Gavin Heck – King of Wands, Orlagh McKenzie – Page of Cups, Jean Wilds Francois – Knight of Cups, Arwen Nuttal – Queen of Cups, Troy Talmadge – King of Cups, Little Luna – Page of Pentacles, Garrett Cleary – Knight of Pentacles, Jessica Hogan Kelley – Queen of Pentacles, Chad VanPelt – King of Pentacles, Nicole Reynolds – Page of Swords, Griffin Stanbro – Knight of Swords, Kristin Weisman Tornebene – Queen of Swords, Jeff Holland – King of Swords